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 This is my Tenth Year Anniversary doing lake, river, & bay maps. Over 2,000 maps.


Our maps are printed on Quality Canvas using archival inks. Each map is signed and numbered, Star your lake house location or special place, Search for the tiny, hidden mermaid in the waters. Makes a great gift. In Fact, a major studio purchased a map as a prop for a TV show. 



 Recent news

2/27/21 Customer Email: Received the map today and it is great! Very Impressive. Good Job! Choctawhatchee Bay

1/28/21 Customer Email: The map is perfect! Thank you for the obvious effort and pride you put into your work. This will indeed be a family heirloom. When I get it framed and hung, I will send you a picture. Watts Bar Lake

12/14/20 Customer Email:  Hey, Mr. Larry!  I received my map.  It is not as I is more!!!!  I’m so thrilled!  It’s hard to find a gift for a 84 year old who has everything yet, wants nothing ( except to be at the river).  The handwriting added a personal touch that will endear it to us all forever.  Thank you so much and I will recommend you to all our friends.  Merry Christmas! Neely Henry Lake

Leo Lakes Map "On TV" - My Lake Conroe Map was purchased as a prop for the TV series "TRAINING DAY" on CBS.

Included in all framed or 16x32 and above maps, you will receive a fact sheet outlining all sorts of neat stuff about your map, also a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a lake poem. (not included in 10x20, unframed maps)

Lake, River and Bay decor maps - We have over 400 maps available. Sizes range from small 10"x20" to very large decor maps that are available for Marinas, Restaurants or that big den that over llok the lake. Read more, click on the "MAPS - Lakes, Rivers and Bay" tab on left. Have a question, email us:

Custom Waterway Map - If we don't have your waterway, then we can paint and provide you with a print of your treasured lake, river or bay. Makes a wonderful gift. See the Leo Lakes Map Facts tab for more info.

Add Personal Photos - Create a UNIQUE and Cherished Heirloom! Add photos to your favorite lake. Treasure those memories with pictures of the kids, boat, lake house or that big trophy fish.

Welcome Signs Personalized: This is not your usual welcome sign; it has your favorite lake image right on the sign. You can personalize with your name, EXAMPLE: "Welcome to the Johnson's Lake House on Beautiful Lewis Smith Lake."




Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream or at least put one on your wall!


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