Beautiful Unique Lake, River & Bay Maps


                  * Printed on Quality Canvas using archival inks

                 * Each map is signed and numbered 

                 * Comes with a certificate of authenticity

                 * Add a star to a special place or lake house location

                 * Search for the tiny, hidden mermaid in the waters

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 Recent news & a few comments: 

Customer Email 8/3/18, Hi Larry, Just wanted to let you know that our map arrived today and I surprised my husband with it hanging on the wall. He loved it!! And so do I!  It is beautiful!  I know that it will be a treasured map that we will enjoy having in our special lakeside home here on beloved Shuswap lake (The Shwap)! Thanks again! Lake Shuswap Canada

Customer Email 7/30/18, Hi Leo, I have been away so just opened the map and it looks great! Thank You so much! Custom Map 

Customer Email 7/22/18LeoThank you! We hung the map at the lake house and it's the  perfect map. Lake Winnipesaukee

Leo Lakes Map "On TV" - My Lake Conroe Map was purchased as a prop for the TV series "TRAINING DAY" on CBS.

Included in all framed or 16x32 and above maps, you will receive a fact sheet outlining all sorts of neat stuff about your map, also a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a lake poem. (not included in 10x20, unframed maps)

Lake, River and Bay decor maps - We have over 400 maps available. Sizes range from 10"x20" to huge 43"X86" decor maps are available for Marinas, Restaurants or that big den. Read more, click on the "MAPS - Lakes, Rivers and Bay" tab on left. Have a question, email us:

Custom Waterway Map - If we don't have your waterway, then we can paint and provide you with a print of your treasured lake, river or bay. Makes a wonderful gift. See the Leo Lakes Map Facts tab for more info.

Add Personal Photos - Create a UNIQUE and Cherished Heirloom! Add photos to your favorite lake. Treasure those memories with pictures of the kids, boat, lake house or that big trophy fish.

Welcome Signs Personalized: This is not your usual welcome sign; it has your favorite lake image right on the sign. You can personalize with your name, EXAMPLE: "Welcome to the Johnson's Lake House on Beautiful Lewis Smith Lake."




Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream or at least put one on your wall!


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