Beautiful lake, river & bay maps for the lake house, lake lover or fisherman.


*Printed on Quality Canvas from watercolor paintings by L.E. Oldfield

*Add a small star to the location of your lake house or special place

*The map is signed/numbered & includes a certificate of Authenticity

*Larry hides a tiny mermaid in the waters of each print, some say she moves 

*Beautiful local waterfowl flying over, which can be removed if you prefer

*Makes a beautiful, unigue gift. Create a family heirloom, shipping only $4.99.


 Recent news & comments: 

Customer Email 8/6/17 The  map looks great! Thanks so much.  We are visiting my brother this weekend at Lake Chautauqua and I know it will be a great addition to their new lake house.  Are you able to do waterways that are not listed.  My husband and I own a cottage on a ake in Maine and would love a picture like this. (Lake Chautauqua)

MY MAP ON TELEVISION - My Lake Conroe Map was purchased as a prop for the TV series "TRAINING DAY" on CBS.

Customer Email 8/1/17 Hi Larry, I received my Winnipesaukee map and it looks AMAZING!!!  Thank you so much.  It is going to be my an anniversary gift to my husband and I know he is going to love it! (Lake Winnipesakee)

Customer Email 7/24/17 Good morning Larry, I received it this weekend and it looks great. Thanks so much. (Center Hill Lake)

Customer Email 7/19/17 Leo, My husband loved the map. He thought the fishing spots were really cool. Can't wait to get the house completed so we can hang it.....Its great…thanks again!(Lake Murray)

Customer Email 7/5/17  The map is hanging in the lake house and looks great!! Thank you very much! (Lake Winnipesaukee)

Included in all framed or 16x32 and above maps, you will receive a fact sheet outlining all sorts of neat stuff about your map, also a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a lake poem. (not included in 10x20, unframed maps)

Lake, River and Bay decor maps - We have over 200 maps available. Sizes range from 10"x20" to huge 43"X86" decor maps are available for Marinas, Restaurants or that big den. Read more, click on the "MAPS - Lakes, Rivers and Bay" tab on left. Have a question, email us:

Custom Waterway Map - If we don't have your waterway, then we can paint and provide you with a print of your treasured lake, river or bay. Makes a wonderful gift. See the Leo Lakes Map Facts tab for more info.

Add Personal Photos - Create a UNIQUE and Cherished Heirloom! Add photos to your favorite lake. Treasure those memories with pictures of the kids, boat, lake house or that big trophy fish.

Welcome Signs Personalized: This is not your usual welcome sign; it has your favorite lake image right on the sign. You can personalize with your name, EXAMPLE: "Welcome to the Johnson's Lake House on Beautiful Lewis Smith Lake."


 Huge Decor Maps, 43"X86" DECOR MAPS are available for Marinas, Restaurants or that big den. Read more, click on the "MAPS - Lakes, Rivers and Bay" tab on left. If you have any questions please call 615-686-0812 or email us at


Life is short, get away from the big screen and get on a big stream or at least put one on your wall!


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